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    Post by nut2013 on Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:57 pm

    Here are the league guidelines
    1st-  Play as close to sim as you can. That means play like they do in real life. You dont see many games where a starting pitcher comes out in the 4th or 5th inning. When that does happen and its a close game, they usually have a guy pitch the 6th maybe all of the 7th. A new guy in the 8th and 9th.

    2nd-  The goal of the league is to have fun and play as many seasons as we can.  So lets all please try to be adults. If someone does something wrong, pause the game ask them in the chat if they knew that was wrong.  Then contact OMES or NUT2013.

    Again  if you have any problems or suggestions contact OMES or NUT2013

    I dont want to see mass complaining every night in the chat.
    We are hear to have fun. If you cant take losing try to fix what you are doing wrong, but dont want to hear crying about not being able to hit or pitch.


    2 trades allowed during seasons
    2 trades allowed during offseason

    Trades will be voted on by a 3 man Panel

    Once votes are cast that is final. We are looking for sim trades.

    - Do not throw runners out at 1B from RF. Just don't do it.
    - Do not repeatedly throw balls in the dirt with 2 strikes. If it happens more than 3-4 times in a game, PM me or ACMilan. I realize these happen occasionally, but it should absolutely not be a common occurrence.
    - At the same time it is your responsibility to lay off of balls. Complaining that the opponent isn't throwing enough strikes is not his fault. As long as he's not spiking curveballs it's your responsibility to be disciplined at the plate.
    - Do not abuse bunting. You should not be bunting with speedy runners every AB. Catching the defense off guard once in a while is fine, that's good baseball. But don't abuse it. Use your judgement here people.
    - No substitutions after an AB has started. No reason to be taking players out mid at bat.
    - Do not practice swing excessively, or repeatedly tap the fake bunt button. It is distracting to your opponent. If you do this you will not last in this league.
    - And the most important good sportsmanship. Nothing worse than a sore loser or someone that talks down to his opposition after a win. It's just a game people. Enjoy it.

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