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    Port Forward Empty Port Forward

    Post by HustlinOwl on Sun May 19, 2013 10:44 pm

    hope this helps

    [quote=SoullessGingerKC;2044813072]I see a lot of people are having
    internet problems the end result should look something like this. I will
    post the steps down below
    Port Forward Pbucket

    Step 1: Log into your router which will be

    Step 2: Copy down all the basic information Default router which is the then your Ip subnet mask which should be Then
    copy down your Primary DNS and secondary DNS which your router should
    tell you, everyones id different for example mine looks like this.
    Port Forward Pbucket

    Step 3: Turn on your PS3 and go into Network settings.

    Step 4: choose custom
    then choose wired
    auto detect for network device
    Ip address settings manual

    Step 5: Take that information in step 3 and put it here.
    So your ip address will be
    Ip address will be: this is because we want to set up port forwarding on router, which will do after PS3 set up
    Subnet mask will be the
    Default router will be the
    and the primary dnsand secondary ones will be the ones we got from step 3 remember
    Port Forward Pbucket

    Step 6: MTU auto

    Step 7:Proxy do not use

    Step 8 Enable UPNP, now it should look like this
    Port Forward Pbucket

    Step 9: Go to router and set up port forwarding. remember that we set the PS3 to connect too
    Enter these ports like the picture.

    Port Forward Pbucket

    Now you should have a great connection Port Forward Wink[/quote]

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